Aa Gym Ask For Match of Cebong and Kampret Eliminated



Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Religious figure Abdullah Gymnastiar (Aa Gym) reminds fellow human beings, let alone who have one faith is brothers. For that, fellow human beings are forbidden to call with a bad degree, including the title of tadpoles and kampret.

“Do not call summoned with a bad title, one call tadpoles, one call back, do not follow-up, do not follow up calling campret, call tadpole We are human,” said Aa Gym in his lecture at the Tauhid Review event at Istiqlal Mosque, Jakarta , Sunday (8/7).

“God glorifies us to be human, do not call in bad titles,” he said.

The names of tadpoles and kamprals are often found in social media. The title identifies certain political support groups.

According to Aa Gym, other than forbidden to call fellow human beings with a bad degree, another prohibition is not to mock, mock, or disparage people with different attitudes.

“So do not look at a few different people then you mock, tease,” he said.

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