Accused of Forgetting Rizieq Shihab, Sandiaga Uno Explains

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A group of people calling themselves as the Islamic Revolutionary Forum (FUIR) accused Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan and his deputy, Sandiaga Uno, have broken their promises against the clerics, including the leader of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) Rizieq Shihab.

Jakarta Deputy Governor Sandiaga Uno argued that, according to him, in order for maintaining the unity of Jakarta, he always asked for input from the clerics.

“I have always come to the community activities that involved clerics and we thank them for their inputs,” he said at City Hall DKI on Monday, March 19.

Around 50 people of FUIR demanded Anies Baswedan and Sandiaga Uno to resign from their position on the grounds that they are no longer paying attention to the interests of Muslims.

Dhani Jesy, a coordinator of the protesters, said that after achieving the position, Anies Baswedan had never given a defense for Rizieq Shihab. In fact, Anies-Sandi’s victory in Jakarta elections 2017 is a result of the support of the Muslims and clerics.

“When the Muslims figures visited Rizieq Shihab in the refuge, Anies took no action,” said Dhani in Jakarta Parliament Building on Jalan Kebon Sirih, Central Jakarta, Monday, March 18.

“When Rizieq Shihab (reportedly) was about to return to Indonesia, Muslims in droves, want to welcome him, but Anies did nothing.”

FUIR arrived in front of Jakarta Parliament Building at around 13:00 pm. They unfurled a banner demanding that Anies Baswedan and Sandiaga Uno to resign from their position because they are considered to have left Muslims and clerics, including Rizieq Shihab.

Sandiaga Uno promised to communicate intensively to the groups who feel untouched. He admitted that he did not meet with the representatives of the masses who unfurled the banner with a picture of Rizieq Shihab on the grounds of not knowing there was a demonstration. “No one told me. I was having a meeting.,” he said.

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