Airports, airlines urged to use ministry’s information system

Source: ch-aviation BLOG


The Transportation Ministry’s Directorate General of Air Transportation is calling on airport operators and airline companies to report daily air traffic conditions using its online platform, which has been expanded to ease air transportation monitoring.

The Indonesian Online Transportation Information System (Siasati) has been recording daily real-time transportation data since its launch a few years ago. The ministry upgraded it to include air transportation earlier this year to provide data on air traffic, passengers and cargo as well as flight delays and cancelations.

“The software has been [built] to anticipate and plan the development [of transportation infrastructure],” said the ministry’s air transportation director general, Agus Santoso, as quoted by Kontan, adding that it was important to maintain safety and service quality.

The ministry’s Air Transportation Directorate General can also use the platform as the basis for issuing licenses for commercial and pioneer flight routes.

“With daily reports, we can quickly fix a problem, such as, for example, when passengers accumulate at an airport terminal during [flight] delays,” he said. “We can quickly deploy more airport and airline personnel to handle the passengers to avoid negative outcomes.”

Transportation Ministry Regulation No. 78/2017 stipulates that airport operators and airlines failing to report air traffic data will be given warnings, fined, have operating permits temporarily suspended or licenses revoked.

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