Alleged graft reported in Jakarta school renovation fund

Source: Nila Tanzil


The Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW) urged the Jakarta administration on Sunday to open an investigation into the Rp 180 billion (US$12.7 million) allocated for school renovations last year.

The move was triggered by a report by Warta Kota claiming irregularities in several school renovation projects.

At SD Pinangsia 01/02 state elementary school in West Jakarta, for example, renovation works carried out were reportedly different from those reported in official documents.

Girders that framed the roof were welded instead of connected using bolts.  Meanwhile, the document showed that Rp 4.7 million had been allocated to buy 1,200 bolts.

Documents also mentioned a specific type of roof tile would be installed to frame the edges of the roof that would cost approximately Rp 6.9 million. However, the edges of the roof did not have a frame.

“This could be a fictitious budget and the KPK [Corruption Eradication Commission] should crack down. We’ll soon get our hands on the case, too,” said ICW researcher Febri Hendry.

In the past few weeks, Jakarta Police have summoned people to be questioned in connection to the renovations. Education sub-agency heads from several municipalities are slated to be questioned next week.

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