Anies dislodged Mayor via WhatsApp, Sandiaga says now


Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan is said to have terminated the Mayor by phone and message WhatsApp. Even the information was only known by them the day before the inauguration was held on July 5, 2018 ago.

Regarding this matter, Vice Governor of DKI Jakarta Sandiaga Uno said, notification via WhatsApp is not a problem. During the procedure, he said, the way with the current technological development.

“The era now, according to me as long as in accordance with the provisions and procedures, and run according to what has been outlined through personnel systems in DKI,” he said at City Hall Jakarta, Tuesday (17/7).

According to this politician Gerindra, reform is not because there are personal problems. In fact, he considered the reshuffle is not a new thing, because the selection process has been done since three months ago.

“Mr. Anies is the same I did not see this personally or emotionally, (plan reform) is one thing that has been announced long ago, assessment, open also at that time,” he said.

According to Sandi, all officials who overhauled are senior officials who have worked very well. Therefore there is no need for excessive drama related to the overhaul.

“I do not think this is something to dramatize, it’s very common in the organization for refreshment, we have good relations with the mayor, the head of the agency, they are well served and I thank you,” he concluded.

Previously, Former West Jakarta Mayor Anas Effendi admitted that he was called by the Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan the night before the inauguration of a new official.

“Called the night before the inauguration, given to know tomorrow there is a change, I say, I’m still a year retired,” Anas said when contacted, Tuesday (17/7).

He confessed to his fate after the dismissal. Because after telling about him no longer served, Anies did not give a new position to him.

“I asked me where? (Answered) will be arranged,” he said.


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