Asked to Dive Alone to Lake Toba, Ratna Sarumpaet: Kampungan!…


Jakarta – SAR Head of Medan as well as Coordinator of KM Sinar Bangun Searching Team, Budiawan, asked activist Ratna Sarumpaet whose search protest was stopped to dive on their own. Ratna questioned the team’s work in 14 days.

“It’s rough, he knows he does not work 14 days a cloth he can not lift it, so what is pride?” He is proud In Malaysia it’s two years, he’s just 2 weeks proud of him Do not dare him say so to me, “said Ratna when contacted by AFP on Tuesday (3/7/2018).

Ratna said she may not understand the search technique. However, the right of every citizen to defend and convey the mind.

“This is a democracy country, do not tell nyelem, nyelem kan not useful unless he is another way he may ask what advice, do not be so rude, plebeian!” he said.

“If this person looks like it’s not worth it!” he added.

Ratna conveyed the protest because she had a concern. Ratna’s protest was also not to the search team, but to the government.

“I am a self-paced person, he has no concern for me, I am not forced, but I am a state, protest me to the government, not to him, I do not blame them, I blame the halting (search)” he said.

Ratna said there was no reason for the government to stop the search. He also regretted the reason that Budiawan said about the evacuation requires tools of cangih, a long time, and large funds.

“Then why? Just stay talking, emang him so far nyari own money? Emang him 2 weeks nyari it use money itself? Can the country’s money also, the people’s money as well.Do not carelessly talk to him, he does not understand how to state,” he said .

Budiawan earlier said the search termination begins with talks between the government and the victim’s family. Related to that, Ratna said there was a manipulation on behalf of the victim’s family.

“The victim’s family was manipulated, I could handle such a thing, if the people have been confronted with power, the ruler can be a thousand ways to make them helpless and finally say yes,” he said.

Ratna said she had evidence that the victim’s family met him and asked for advocacy.

“The proof I have a video they come to me and cry for help, I kept telling you why last night you were in the meeting did not do something, ‘I do not know bu, everyone who kesirep that talk only 4 people. already one vote ‘, “he said.


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