Cable jacket material found again in city drains

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The Central Jakarta Water Management Agency found on Sunday 12 cubic meters of cable jacket material in a drain in front of City Hall.

The head of the maintenance unit of the agency, Boris Karlop Lumbangaol, said the cable jackets might have been dumped recently as the agency’s maintenance staff, the “blue troops”, routinely cleaned the waterways.

“We cleaned [cable jacket material] from the drains in 2016 and 2017. We found 12 cubic meters of cable jackets again this year while working in front of City Hall,” Boris said on Monday according to

In 2016 a large amount of cable jacket material was found in drains throughout the high-security area, which is home to the Presidential and Vice Presidential Offices as well as the US Embassy, in Central Jakarta.

The city administration collected dozens of truckloads of cable jackets from the drains that time.

The Jakarta Police said the dumping was related to negligent contractors and copper theft.

Boris said he still could not conclude whether the dumping was related to theft.

“Our job is just to clean the drains,” he added.

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