Doctor charged with premeditated murder of wife

image source : Adhiyuda


Ryan Helmi, a medical practitioner, who is on trial for allegedly murdering his wife last year, committed premeditated murder, which carries a maximum penalty of death, a court heard on Thursday.

Helmi, 42, is charged under articles 340 and 338 of the Criminal Code on premeditated murder and murder, respectively.

“The defendant is also charged with violating Emergency Law No. 12/1951 on illegal firearms possession,” prosecutor Felix Kasdi said as he read out the indictment in East Jakarta District Court.

The first hearing of the case was presided over by judge Puji Harian.

Helmi allegedly killed his wife Letty Sultri, who was also a doctor, in a marital dispute. He was reportedly angered after Letty filed a divorce petition on the grounds of Helmi’s violent abuse. 

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