Empowering Women’s Creativity

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Creative economy is one of work fields that can open up many jobs. The role of women is very important in the creative industries, such as in the clothing, culinary and handicraft sectors. So, empowers women is smart economic policy.

This is the message of the event Empower Women in Spark which lasted for 3 days (November 29-December 1, 2018) at Nusa Gastronomy, Kemang Raya Street Jakarta. The event which featured talk shows, fashion shows and bazaars was attended by many Jakarta socialite women. This is one example of the great contribution of women to the creative economy.

Women have played many roles to increase the creative economic contribution to national economic growth and development. In 2016, the creative economy sector accounted for 7.44% of the national economy and the gross domestic product (GDP) of the creative economy grew 4.95% .

Rita Pusponegoro, President of Women’s International Club, became one of the hostesses at this event. Rita, the mother of the founder of the Indo Runners community, Reza Pusponegoro, is well acquainted with the ambassadors of friendly countries and their wives. Like her closeness with the wife of the Japanese Ambassador to ASEAN, Yukari Sunaga, who presented the event titled Yukari’s Japanese Style Traditional to Contemporary on Saturday (12/1).

Yukari, who also likes singing as her hobby, displayed her creative ideas in a mix and match fashion using kimono and various other traditional Japanese clothes into a contemporary fashion style that is very interesting. It’s cool, edgy yet elegant to wear on various occasions.

On the first day (11/29) Sendy Yusuf, wife of politician Dede Yusuf who’s also a former Vice Governor of West Java, acted as host of the event titled “Wastra Indonesia: Creative design with Batik Jawa Barat with no cutting and no sewing”. Various creations of West Java Batik were shown here, presented by Sendy as Chairwoman of West Java Batik Foundation This event is also a means to preserve and develop the potential of batik in West Java as the cultural heritage.

Artkea’s owner, Tini Sardadi, also performed inspirations and tips on successful businesses. Tini founded Artkea in 1993 by selling her handmade hair accessories. Now Artkea is a very well-known brand of accessories in the fashion in Indonesia. The Romantic White by Lace Artkea fashion show was also performed here, along with the Elegant Sogan by Riana Kesuma.

The second day (11/30) the theme was the Classic Women in Style with a fashion show by Klambi Abite and Amithya. In addition, there was a talks how entitled “Understanding Gastronomy to love Indonesian food more” hosted by Ria Musiawan from the Indonesian Gastronomy Association.

On the third day, the fashion show was enlivened by fashion brands Sisan, Salaga, Le Boudoir, Culture Edge and Cristina Satori. Cristina Satori, who has this luxury and elegant fashion brand, is a Romanian woman who lives in Bali, Indonesia. Although never studied fashion, Cristina had many creative ideas about fashion by acknowledge fashion trends and loosely observing them. Then finally she creates her own style which is unique, because she brings to life in her production, comes purely from her own inspiration.

“I love challenges and I strongly believe that nothing is impossible. Five short years ago, I was living in Italy and was managing a company that was making meat products. Yup! Meat products like salami, sausages, pastrami etc. Now? I am a fashion designer living in the tropical paradise of Bali! And that is just because all begins in your mind: what you give power to, has power over you if you allow it!”

As well as the theme of this event about the empowerment of women, it all starts from the thoughts that we give strength if we allow it.

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