Fahri Hamzah: Innalillahiwainnailaihirojiun PKS



Jakarta – Fahri Hamzah again criticized the letter of resignation dated blank which is a requirement for the prospective candidates of legislative PKS. Terms of the MCC filed Fahri assessed as ‘death’ for the political party this year.

“Maybe this is the age of PKS for 20 years, this year’s completion.Let us first declaration of 1998, this 2018, maybe this innalillahiwainnailaihirojiun,” said Fahri in parliament complex, Senayan, Jakarta, Tuesday (17/07/2018).

“If this is the case, then it is finished, and where might people want to be a candidate if his life has been held by the party from the beginning, just put the date (in the letter), ilang.

Fahri said the MCC is currently at the lowest point. The cadres, said Fahri, do not accept the current style of PKS leaders. Fahri then leveraged PKS ‘failure’ in Pilkada 2018.

“The PKS is in the nadir of the present situation, whereas the situation is good.” We used to get LHI case, arrested him, but we can get West Java, North Maluku, North Sumatra, we can be in a difficult situation, “said Fahri.

“Now in good condition, it’s gone all the way, and the situation is no problem, there is no legal case, but it seems that there is intention to damage the PKS from within,” he accused.

Vice Chairman of this House claimed to want to fight to restore the PKS to the right way in 2019. Related PKK scaling, Fahri heard many candidates who are reluctant to advance through the MCC.

“And this guy did not want to fight to get him up so I heard last night that the family said, ‘Let’s help you, the PKS can not get nominated, we’ll help you,'” Fahri said.

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