Gatot Cawapres Strongest Candidate Prabowo, This Word Gerindra


Jakarta – The former name of TNI Commander General (Ret.) Gatot Nurmantyo became one of the strongest vice presidential candidates for Ketum Gerindra Prabowo Subianto in the 2019 presidential election. What does Gerindra say?

“Speaking vice president of Pak Prabowo depends on the coalition partner’s agreement and it is Insyaallah on July 24, Pak Prabowo will meet Mr. SBY, hope that the Democrats can join,” said member of DPP Gerindra communication body Andre Rosiade when contacted on Thursday (19/7/2018).

Andre explained, the decision about Prawowo vice president will be discussed with coalition partners. He hopes Democrats coalesced with Gerindra so that the discussion and decision about Prawowo’s vice president could be accelerated.

“So after meeting with Democrat and Pak SBY on 24 will be able to continue the meeting of these 4 political parties so that we can directly discuss the common platform that occurred as well as we discussed vice president Mr. Prabowo,” said Andre.

Anies and Gatot are the most selected respondents as Prabowo vice president of LIPI survey. Meanwhile, Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono, whose name is widely referred to in Prabowo vice president, is in the third position of respondents choice.

“The position of vice president for Prabowo is topped by Anies (23.1 percent), Gatot (20 percent), and AHY (15.7 percent),” said senior researcher of Center for Political Research (P2P) LIPI Wawan Ichwanuddin in the presentation of survey results at Century Hotel Park, Jakarta, Thursday (7/19).

The LIPI survey involved 2,100 respondents, with an estimated margin of error (MoE) of +/- 2.14 percent at a 95 percent confidence level.

Data collection was conducted through face-to-face interviews by enumerators who had been trained with questionnaire instruments. Data collection was conducted on April 19-May 5, 2018.

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