Gerindra: Do not Come Tuduh, Jokowi Just Reveal Who Politician Stove


Jakarta – President Jokowi states there is a stove politician who is heating up the situation before the election. Gerindra who is one of the opposition party asked Jokowi to reveal who the figure of a politician is Jokowi.

“Yes, if Jangowi need to call his name, but do not let Pak Jokowi accuse him of being criticized for his weak economic performance, then politicians say the stove is wrong too,” said Gerindra communications member Andre Rosiade in a discussion on Sunday (15 / 7/2018).

Andre said it is not a politician stove as delivered Jokowi. According to Andre, Gerindra is a party that criticizes the state of the state constructively.

“If good we support, if bad we are critics We are critics especially economic problems,” continued Andre.

For the economic sector, continued Andre, Jokowi government policy needs to be criticized. According to the policy of the Working Cabinet is less appropriate for the people.

“We criticize the weak and improper economic policies for the people, the infrastructure that is built has no impact on the economy of the people, the gap between rich and poor is getting far and so many people and life is getting harder and harder and the prices are getting higher,” Andre.


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