Gerindra-PAN Cadre Know the figure who want to Damaged Prabowo-Amien Relations


Jakarta – Gerindra Party Chairman Prabowo Subianto is annoyed with parties seeking to damage his relationship with senior Amien Rais. The destructor of Prabowo-Amien’s relationship is referred to as a figure known jointly by Gerindra and PAN cadres.

“I think the Gerindra and PAN cadres already know that person,” Gerindra Party communications member Andre Rosiade said in a conversation on Sunday (7/15/2018).

But Andre chose not to mention explicit people’s names. According to him, the public who follow the political issues of Prabowo and Gerindra must know who figure who tried to destroy the relationship Prabowo-Amien.

“Let the people who judge the point that the business has failed because Pak Prabowo and Pak Amien have a good relationship, Mr. Amien also knows how honor Pak Prabowo to Mr. Amien,” Andre.

He says the relationship between Amien and Prabowo is getting better now. Prabowo considers Amien as his political mentor.

Previously, Prabowo said there are parties who want to damage his relationship with Amien. He called the party acting rude.

“The relationship between me and Pak Amien is bad,” Prabowo said in the halalbihalal event of Da’wah Islamiyah Indonesia Council at Masjid AL Furqon, Senen, Central Jakarta, Saturday (14/7/2018).

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