Gerindra: The TGB Issue Lparut Is Not Our Toy


Jakarta – Gerindra Party politician Andre Rosiade again talks about Wikipedia page that could display info TGH Zainul Majdi or Tuan Guru Bajang (TGB) have a relationship in law with Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan. Andre confirmed the issue was not a toy Gerindra.

“We do not know who is editing because we can be in medsos because we want full clarification from TGB and Luhut because it’s in medsos, not our toys,” Andre told reporters on Saturday (14/7/2018).

Andre said, he just wanted to straighten out information circulating in social media. Clarification of the TGB, he said, can actually dampen this false information.

“We need clarification from TGB and Luhut so that we will not be slander,” Wikipedia said slowly.

Andre then highlighted Wikipedia which he called impressed sluggish response to issues circulating in social media. Andre mentioned, the issue of TGB in law Luhut already a few days back and forth in social media.

For Andre, Gerindra could not be the editors of Wikipedia page TGB and Luhut. Andre asserted, Gerindra did not use dirty way to compete.

“It is certainly not from the opposition, there is no way Gerindra is playing the issue like that, in fact we ask for clarification,” he said.


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