Government to introduce progressive tariffs for toll roads

Source: Indonesia Growth Opportunity and Market Expansion


The government plans to introduce progressive tariffs for toll roads, particularly in Greater Jakarta, in trying to ease traffic congestion.

The Greater Jakarta Transportation Management Authority (BPTJ) will also consider applying an electronic road pricing (ERP) mechanism on other roads, according to BPTJ head Bambang Prihartono.

With progressive tariffs, drivers will pay higher fees when toll roads are busy and enjoy lower fees when traffic is smooth.

“After the progressive tariffs are agreed and put into effect, [some] cars users are expected to turn to public transportation,” Bambang said as quoted by on Friday.

The BPTJ has already conducted a study about the new system.

It has also discussed the issue with toll road operators, particularly state-owned company PT Jasa Raharja, and the Toll Road Management Agency.

Meanwhile, Toll Road Management Agency head Harry Trisaputra Zuna said the move had been in discussion for some time, but had not been implemented because the government had not completed its study.

The government is still studying the legal basis for progressive tariffs on toll roads.

“We have discussed it internally. We already have a concept. We believe that it will significantly reduce traffic congestion,” he added.

Indonesian Consumers Foundation (YLKI) head Tulus Abadi said improvements in services should first be introduced before considering progressive tariffs.

“There must be a guarantee that traffic will be smoother after the introduction of progressive tariffs,” he added.

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