Government to require fuel retailers to report price increases

Source: Asia Times


Deputy Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Arcandra Tahar said in Jakarta on Monday that the government would require all fuel retailers to report fuel price increases at gas stations.

“Any price increase requires approval from the government,” said Arcandra at the ministry.

He said the new policy targeted all gas station operators, including state-owned energy company Pertamina, Shell, Total, AKR and Vivo Energi Indonesia.

He added that because of the new policy, the government would soon revise Presidential Regulation No 191/2014 and Energy and Mineral Resources Ministerial Regulation No. 39/2015 on the procurement, distribution and retail price of fuels.

He, however, could not say when the regulation would take effect. “We will revise regulations as soon as possible,” he added.

Pertamina increased the price of Pertalite to Rp 7,800 (55 US cents) per liter in late March.

On Feb. 24, Pertamina increased the price of several other non-subsidized fuels. The price of Pertamax per liter was increased to Rp 8,900 from Rp 8,600, while the price of Pertamax Turbo per liter was increased to Rp 10,000 from Rp 9,600. The price of Pertamina Dex per liter was raised to Rp 10,000 from Rp 9,250 and the price of Dexlite per liter to Rp 8,100 from Rp 7,500.

According to the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), the fuel-price increase would affect inflation in April.

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