Govt have to step in to solve problem left by Uber

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The government have to step in to solve problem over the drivers and owners of cars operating as online taxis by the defunct online taxi operator Uber. Director of Institute for Development of Economics and Finance (INDEF) Enny Sri Hartati said that on Wednesday.

Uber assets in Southeast Asia, have been officially taken over by rival company Grab leaving hundreds of the drivers jobless in Indonesia. “This concerns the fate of former Uber drivers. The government should ask Uber to account for the problem faced by its former drivers,” Enny said.

Enny said Grab , which has taken over the entire assets of Uber should also take all Uber drivers into responsibility.

It is said that Grab did accept the responsibility but only for selected number of the drivers, she said. “That is tantamount to falsehood as it would not give certainty for the drivers,” she said.

She said she appreciates Go-Jek inviting all former Uber drivers to join in its operation.

After the acquisition of Uber by Grab, the drivers are required to apply to join Grab operation.

Grab gives time until 8 April 2018 for the drivers to register for joining the Grab operation . 

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