Indonesia and Senegal Strengthen the Partnership in Agriculture

Indonesia and Senegal Strengthen the Partnership in Agriculture (Source: Netral English)


JAKARTA, NNC – Ziguinchor, one of the provinces in Senegal in the Casamance region rich in agricultural products and a major agricultural supplier in Senegal, needs help in the form of technology transfer in agriculture.

This was stated by Jean-Pascal Ehemba, Chairperson of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ziguinchor, in a business seminar organized by the Indonesian Embassy in Dakar in cooperation with Ziguinchor Chamber of Commerce and Industry some time ago.

“Ziguinchor entrepreneurs need medium-sized industrial technology equipment to process agricultural products, such as jam/juice, rice, palm and packaging machines,” Jean-Pascal said in a release on Wednesday (12/20/2017).

Mansyur Pangeran, Indonesian Ambassador to Senegal, said that according to the results of a survey conducted by the Embassy in the field, product packaging in Ziguinchor is considered not good and very much different in quality compared to Indonesia.

According to him, local businesses need to get special assistance in the form of technological transformation in agriculture and food so that the product can be marketed well and have added value.

This can be achieved by inviting Indonesian businessmen to Ziguinchor or visit directly to the factories in Indonesia. The Ambassador reminded all participants of the seminar to take advantage of the visa-free facility provided by the Government of Indonesia to Senegalese citizens since 2016 to visit Indonesia.

Ambassador Mansyur confirmed that in the next year, the Indonesian Embassy in Dakar will prioritize Ziguinchor in technology transfer assistance program in agriculture and oil palm sector.

“Next year the Embassy will prioritize farmers from Ziguinchor to attend training at Indonesian Agricultural Hall in Gambia and in Indonesia We will help farmers in Ziguinchor to improve their harvest,” he said.

Ziguinchor is in desperate need of Indonesia’s help in increasing his production of rice so he can harvest more than once a year. The use of sugar palm trees to produce sugar and energy is also needed Ziguinchor to maximize its potential.

According to the Ambassador, it is here that Indonesia can play a role to maximize the African market by sharing experiences and technology transfer to farming communities in the Casamance region.

It is still fresh in the minds of Ziguinchor residents when the Le Joola Ferry boat sank in 2002. Ziguinchor, which is economically heavily dependent on its role as a cargo port, transport center and ferry terminal, suffered a paralysis when the Le Joola Ferry sank, thus severing ties between Casamance and the countries around.

The replacement of the Ferry Le Joola is a Ferry Willis hired from Indonesia (Pelni) in 2002-2005 complete with the captain of the ship and its crew.

“The historical bond proves a high commitment from the Government to support development and progress in Ziguinchor,” said Ambassador Mansyur.

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