Jakarta has ‘green senator’ running for office

Source: The Jakarta Post


The Jakarta Elections Supervisory Agency (Bawaslu) has discovered that the city’s General Elections Committee (KPU Jakarta) had committed violations in ruling out the registration of John Muhammad to run for regional representative.

John, endorsed by the National Green Caucus, was denied registration by the KPU in April, even though he managed to collect 3,281 ID cards, which are supposed to be enough to back his running.

In its verdict issued this week, the verification committee from Bawaslu, consisting of M. Jufri, Siti Khopipah and Puadi, declared that the KPU had been found to have committed maladministration beyond a reasonable doubt in denying John’s admission.

The Bawaslu also ordered that the KPU verify the documents John had submitted in his bid to run for senator.

John said he appreciated the Bawaslu’s ruling.

“We didn’t win anything. On the other hand, the KPU doesn’t lose to anyone. This part of our struggle to create a better, just and participative election,” John said in a statement.

John is one of five civil society activists that have declared their intention to run for regional representative positions in five provinces, calling themselves “green senator” hopefuls who will launch a campaign based on programs that counter political polarization amid a rise of identity politics.

They are backed by the National Green Caucus.

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