Jayapura Police in war on marijuana

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The Jayapura Police have stepped up measures to fight the distribution of marijuana in the city by strengthening security checks at all of its entrance points at the border with Papua New Guinea.

In a two-day security patrol, police officers confiscated 6.2 kilograms of dried marijuana and arrested four suspects. The operation was jointly held by the Jayapura Police and the Army Strategic Reserves Command’s 501 Para Raider Infantry Battalion.

“Marijuana distribution in Jayapura city has been getting worse and all of the drugs have been smuggled from Papua New Guinea. That’s why we are stepping up security patrols at all entrances, in ports and the Papua New Guinea border in Skouw Wutung,” Jayapura Police Adj. Sr. Comr. Gustaf Urbinas said on Tuesday.

The police arrested the four suspects in different places. One of the suspects, identified only as EL, 31, a Papua New Guinea citizen, was arrested at the Skouw Wutung market on Saturday, during which the police found 500 grams of dried marijuana in his bag.

Another suspect, identified only as AF, 19, was arrested on Holtekamp Beach on Monday. He was apprehended on a speedboat with 4 kilograms of dried marijuana.

Meanwhile, two other suspects identified only as MW, 42, and KM, 21, were arrested at Jayapura Port on Monday with a total of 1.5 kg of marijuana. “They were arrested during a security check on passengers who would board vessels departing for Biak, Manokwari, Sorong and other ports in the central and eastern parts of Indonesia. They planned to distribute the marijuana in Sorong,” said Gustaf. (ebf) 

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