Livestock evacuated as floods hit South Jakarta

Source: The Jakarta Post


Residents affected by floods in South Jakarta have begun relocating their livestock to protect them from the rising waters.

With help from the Public Facility Maintenance Agency (PSSU), residents of East Pejaten were seen carrying their goats and ducks as they left their inundated homes, reported.

“These goats belong to a neighborhood unit [RT] head. We’ll bring them to a nearby school building,” said PPSU official Rozak, while guiding five goats to a safe area.

Rozak said the livestock were relocated in the morning. However, not all of them could be evacuated as many ducks escaped from their cages and swam to a river, he added.

“Two children attempted to swim into the river to capture the ducks. However, they only managed to get one duck,” he said, while displaying a video footage of the children’s efforts.

Residents at four community units (RWs) in the subdistrict were relocated to SMPN 46 state junior high school.

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