Minister of Home Affairs will stay in charge of Tulungagung Syahri Mulyo Regent Arrested by KPK



JAKARTA, – Interior Minister Tjahjo Kumolo states will still inaugurate the Regent of Tulungagung Syahri Mulyo although Syahri caught in corruption case. Syahri Mulyo is known to surrender and is now languishing in the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) after being a fugitive of the anti-corruption agency.

“It is still inaugurated until there is a permanent legal force (Syahri Mulyo) guilty or not,” said Tjahjo met after apple together at Monas Square, Jakarta, Friday (29/06/2018). Recapitulation of vote count result of C1 Election form Tulungagung, East Java, has been completed 100 percent on Thursday (28/6/2018). Former Regent of Syahri Mulyo who is a corruption suspect by the KPK won the elections.

Tjahjo respects the results of the recent 2018 Serial Election process. “The voice keeps the voice of God. Whatever the electoral process that chooses the community, whoever is chosen is what the community wants to go on, “said Tahjo. Syahri Mulyo’s status as head of a new region will be lifted when his case has been permanently enforced.

“If he is found guilty he will be revoked (regent office) ,” said the PDI-P politician.

“Yesterday there are also inaugurated in the LP (Penitentiary). In the past, there was North Sulawesi, we still appreciate the democratic process, but the law must be permanent, “Tjahjo continued.

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