Ministry hopes to increase tea exports

image source : Antara/Wahdi Septiawan


The Indonesian government, through the Ministry of Trade, expressed hope that exports of tea products would increase. The country’s teas are renowned for having a high quality throughout the global market.

Director of Export Product Development of the Trade Ministry, Ari Satria, made these remarks here on Friday, adding that during the period of 2012-2016 the value of Indonesian tea exports decreased 8.08 percent.

Some of the reasons for the decrease include the decline in global purchasing power, and the decrease of the nation¿s tea plantation areas due to land conversions.

Satria also said that Indonesia is considered to have high quality tea and a distinctive aroma, which is favored by the global community.

In an effort to further exploit the potential of the Indonesian tea export market, businesses must be able to prepare effective management for the creation of additional value to product innovation.

Data also showed an increase of tea exports in 2017 worth US$117.96 million, or an increase of 1.04 percent compared to 2016, amounting to US$116.75 million.

With a production capacity of approximately 150,000 tons per year, as of 2016, the Indonesian tea market has the potential to continue to grow.

Every year, Indonesia exports some 50,000-70,000 tons of tea worldwide. 

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