MUI Papua lauds ustaz Fadlan for apologize over viral video

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Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) Papua Province chairman, Kiai Saiful Islam Al Payage appreciated the apology that conveyed by ustaz Fadlan Rabbany Garamatan. Previously, ustaz Fadlan’s video related to Papua culture went viral and considered to offend many people in the region.

According to Kiai Saiful, the video was recorderd a long time ago. It was relevant to the situation at that time. However, unresponsible parties spread it recently and harnessed it.

“I feel grateful and thankful to Allah SWT because ustaz Fadlan apologizes with his very noble and clean heart,” said Kiai Saiful on Monday (April 2).

Kiai Saiful said ustaz Fadlan might not be wrong in delivering his speech. According to Kiai Saiful, ustaz Fadlan apologized because his love of Papua and all people there.

The video of ustaz Fadlan that went viral was about bath soap material. The video was uploaded by Youtube account SalingSapa.

Ustaz Fadlan has clarified the video, as he said it was not mean to offend anyone. He apologized and claimed that video was spreaded by certain parties.

The preacher was accompanied by Kiai Saiful and Papua police spokesperson Ahmad Musthofa Kamal when conveying his apologize. 

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