Nigeria Causes Not Given 2nd Penalty in Argentina’s Contra Game

Foto: Reuters


SAINT PETERSBURG – There was a controversy in the game between Argentina counter Nigeria in advanced preliminary round Group D 2018 World Cup. The reason, in the game, the referee did not give Nigeria a second penalty when Marcos Rojo handball in the penalty box Argentina.

At the time of the incident, the game score was still 1-1. So if Nigeria gets a second penalty and is able to use it well, they will excel. However, the referee in fact did not give the penalty. Even worse, Argentina then scored a goal that makes Nigeria tumble 1-2.

It was then received criticism from Nigerian player John Obi Mikel. In fact, most people were questioned because Rojo is very clearly caught doing handball camera. The referee also agreed that the ball was about Rojo’s hand.

Under the rules imposed by FIFA, there are five things that the referee must pay attention before determining a player doing handball or not. One of the rules is the player is declared handball if the hand is coming to the ball, not the ball that comes to hand.

Marcos Rojo

In Rojo’s case, the referee saw that the ball came to Rojo’s hand. The reason, before touching Rojo’s hand, the ball first hit the player’s head. So, even though Rojo’s hand is in an ‘active’ state, the referee sees it as an accident because the ball has already fired the player and then his hand.

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