NU and Muhammadiyah One sound, Mahfud MD Representing Islam


Chairman of Muhammadiyah Central Propagation Abrar Aziz rate, former Chairman of the Constitutional Court (MK) Mahfud MD is a figure that represents Islam. According to him, Mahfud eligible to be elected President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) to be a vice presidential candidate in the 2019 election.

“Pak Mahfud is a professor of governance, but he is very religious, especially very close to Gus Dur first, very NU,” Abrar said in a written statement received by on Wednesday (18/7).

Abrar continues, Mahfud worthy of being a vice president to facilitate Jokowi ward off the issue of identity politics. Abrar believes, the dynamics of the 2019 presidential election will not be much different from the 2014 presidential election.

NU dan Muhammadiyah Satu Suara, Mahfud MD Merepresentasikan Islam


At that time, Jokowi was attacked by issues of identity politics. On that basis, he also considered the presence of Mahfud MD is able to maximize the acquisition of Jokowi’s voice.

“I think Mr. Mahfud is very representative if he calls him an Islamic figure, important groups are considered,” he said.

Separately Commander of Densus 99 Banser-Ansor, Nurruzaman added, in addition to representing Islamic groups, Mahfud also experienced in government as a minister, and had been a member of the House.

Nurruzaman also rate, Mahfud MD is also very close to national figures from NU or Muhammadiyah, so it can be accepted by all parties.

“Mr. Mahfud is an experienced, influential figure, close to Muhammadiyah, close to NU, then berintergritas and clean,” he concluded.


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