OTT Kalapas Sukamiskin, KPK: Fuad Amin and Wawan Nobody in Sel


Jakarta – KPK conducted hand-catch operation (OTT) in Sukamiskin Prison on Friday (20/7) yesterday. At that time, the KPK team did not find Fuad Amin and Tubagus Chaeri Wardana (Wawan) in his cell.

“The team then headed for three other cells on behalf of Charles Jones Mesang, Fuad Amin and Tubagus Chaeri Wardana, who did not find the two convicts, the team sealed the cells of Fuad Amin and Tubagus Chaeri Wardana,” said KPK deputy chairman Laode M Syarif in his office, Jalan Kuningan Persada, Jakarta, Saturday (21/07/2018).

Syarif said that until now KPK has not been aware of the existence of Fuad and Wawan.

“They were supposed to be in jail but they were not in Sukamiskin prison, he was not known where he was,” he said.

Previously KPK entered the cell Fahmi Darmawansyah (FD) and Andri Rahmat (AR). In the two cells, the KPK found some money and financial records.

“In Sukamiskin prison, the team entered the two prison cells, on behalf of FD and AR.From the FD cells, the team secured Rp 139.300.000 and a record amount of money,” he said.

“From AR cells, the team secures Rp 92,960,000 and 1,000 USD.In AR cells, the team also secures the purchase and delivery documents of Mitsubishi Triton following a key,” continued Syarif.

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