PDIP Duga Cak Imin Cancel Supports Jokowi



Jakarta – Towards the 2019 presidential election, PDIP suspects there will be one party that void support Joko Widodo. PKB, who menyorongkan name ketumnya, Muhaimin Iskandar (Cak Imin), allegedly move if the choice is not selected Jokowi be vice president.

“Cak Imin thinks yes, because Cak Imin is very pushy (ambitious) right,” said Secretary of Education and Training Agency of DPP PDIP Eva Kusuma Sundari in parliament complex, Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday (11/7/2018).

The allegations are reinforced by the attitude of the CLA which until now declined to declare official support for Jokowi. But on the other hand, Cak Imin keeps echoing the ‘Join’ Posts (Jokowi-Cak Imin) in various regions.

“They also do not want to declaration until now, maybe waiting for bargaining chip for vice president and can aja, for example, there is a third axis,” said Eva.

Even so, Eva judge move the course is certainly through careful consideration. Therefore, the decision also affects the party image for Pileg 2019.

“But I think it’s all concerned with a good image, so it would not be rash to make it a representation or a proxy of personal interest,” he said.


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