Police Arrest Husband and Wife of Police attacker Indramayu



TEMPO.CO, Bandung – Police have arrested two unidentified men suspected of throwing a pot bomb at the Indramayu Resort Police office.

“The person has been caught,” said Head of Indramayu District Police Adjunct Senior Commissioner Arif Fajarudin when contacted Between on Sunday, July 15, 2018.

Arif said the arrested perpetrator is a married couple. However, he was reluctant to explain in more detail the process of capturing the two. “Yes, it is true that a couple of husband and wife have not been able to convey the details, just that we can deliver it,” he said.

Indramayu Police attack action occurred on Sunday morning, at around 02:30 pm. The movements of the perpetrators were suspected by the guard who was on guard. The two actors drove quickly through the entrance of the police station.

The police then chased off the perpetrators and fired several shots. The perpetrator also threw a pot allegedly containing a bomb and then turned towards the highway to escape. The pan thrown by the perpetrator is being examined by the team of bomb squad of West Java Regional Police.

Police have previously arrested one of the perpetrators at the hospital. One of the perpetrators of the attack was injured shot when trying to break into. The perpetrator is still undergoing treatment.

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