Prabowo Ex-Wife Comments on Indonesia Would Dissolve in 2030

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JAKARTA, NNC – A politician from Golkar Party Siti Hediati or Titiek Soeharto deemed the statement of Chairman of Gerindra Party Prabowo Subianto about Indonesia would dissolve in 2030 could happen. According to her, Prabowo’s statement must be based on strong references and readings.

The council member from the Yogyakarta regional election continued Prabowo’s statement indicates that Gerindra Party founder did not want Indonesia to disintegrate in 2030. However, if Indonesia’s debt is always rising, Indonesia could completely collapse.

“As far as I know he loves reading. We are concerned about rising debt without being accompanied with a good performance to add more revenue from the debts. Well if the debt becomes a factory that can increase employment, can feed so many people, that’s okay,” said Titiek, Saturday (3/24/2018).

Therefore, Titiek reminded the government to be careful in using the debt. Do not use it to things that are not productive. Because, according to her, when the debt continues to grow it would burden the next generation. “What can we repay it with? Well, in the end the country could be pawned later,” said the candidate for Deputy Speaker of People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR).

Earlier, at an event at the Universitas Indonesia in 2017, Gerindra Party Chairman Prabowo Subianto called Indonesia could dissolve in 2030. His statement referred to a fiction novel written by PW Singer and August Cole entitled ‘Ghost Fleet: A Novel of the Next World War.’

The novel, by US political and policy observers, tells of a future war of the United States against China allied to Russia.

In the novel the war also mentions the existence of world wars with military wars, competition in outer space to cyber war involving a number of countries. Actually in the novel the story of Indonesia’s collapse in 2030 is so little, only about six out of 400 pages.

Meanwhile, the word Indonesia is written only about seven times. But the novel does not tell about the cause of the end of this republic, which in the novel is called ‘former Republic of Indonesia.’

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