Quick Count Gerindra: Sudrajat Ungguli Ridwan Quick Count Gerindra: Sudrajat Ungguli Ridwan Kamiln Kamil

Foto: Dony Indra Ramadhan


Bandung – DPD Gerindra Jabar Party does not trust the results of quick count some survey institutions that put the couple Sudrajat-Ahmad Syaikhu (Fun) in second position in Pilgub Jabar 2018. His side more trust the results of internal quick count.

“We’ve gone through a process that makes us believe, but underlined, we are ahead in our quick count, but the benefits are very slim,” said Rizaldy Danar Priambodo, Gerindra Internal Victory Team for Pilgub Jabar, during a press conference at the Office of DPD Gerindra Jabar, Jalan PHH Mustofa, City of Bandung, Thursday (28/06/2018).

In the rapid calculation results performed internally Gerindra, the pair excels harder than the pair Ridwan Kamil-Uu Ruzhanul Ulum (Rindu). The first team took a sample of 1,200 TPS, while the second team was 600 TPS.

The results of the quick count show Sudrajat-Syaikhu win. In the first team, Fun get 30.69 percent, while Rindu 30.44 percent. Results in the second team are also the same, the pair achieved 31.72 percent Astiq, Rindu 30.6 percent.

“The difference is thin and is still below the margin of error, so we decided that the results obtained by our team are more reliable than other survey institutions,” Rizaldy said.

The trust of internal survey institutions is strengthened by the Chairman of DPD Gerindra Jabar Mulyadi. According to him, the team that used this has also done a quick count for the election of DKI Jakarta.

“We used to do internal surveys in some areas, even I said that the team we use is the same team in DKI .This is the team that stated Mr. Anies-Sandi won.

But the highly credible survey agency said the opposing pair Mr. Anies won. In fact, our partner won, “Mulyadi said.In contrast to Mulyadi’s claim, at that time a number of quick count surveys from reputable institutions did place Anies-Sandi as a superior camp.

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