Residents Protest over Prostitution in Kalibata City Apartment

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A number of residents in Kalibata City Apartment, South Jakarta voice their complaints regarding the practice of prostitution following the reveals of its syndicate in that modern housing.

A resident Reynald stated there were many residents distressed by such practice. ”We take an initiative to form neighborhood association (RT/RW) in the apartment to tackle the issue,” said Reynald in a written statement dated Thursday, April 5. “But the flat management obstruct the plan. This is weird.”

Previously, the police arrested four suspects in the prostitution case in the apartment last February 2018. One of the four was the pimp and the other one was a cleaning worker whose job transporting the client to the unit provided.

According to Reynald, forming RT/RW as an act to eradicate prostitution was hampered by local officials and the Jakarta Administration Bureau has yet ratified the selected RT/RW by the society. As many as 550 online and written supports have been collected.

In the petition, the residents ruled the management to back off, demanded the Jakarta officials to ratified the RT/RW head, and encouraged a proper election of the apartment units and owners associations (P3SRS) by the residents. “Our acts have been obstructed for many times since 2015 so that the condition worsens. We don’t want to walk out,” said the leader of Kalibata City Resident Community, Sandi Edison.

Reynald explained the practice of prostitution occurred in Kalibata City Apartment which has around 13,000 units. If there was an arrest, it was deemed as the doer’s misfortune because the management did not dare to make a move. “The reason is to keep the privacy of the residents.” 

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