Rizieq Shihab Requests SP3 since June 2017

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TEMPO.COJakarta – Rizieq Shihab, leader of Islamic Defender Front (FPI), had requested the investigation termination letter (SP3) for his pornography case involving Firza Husein since June 2017, the attorney Kapitra Ampera said.

“The process took a long time hence it’s not a sudden issuance. I had visited National Police and Jakarta Police HQ many times,” said Kapitra in a phone call on Tuesday, June 19.

During the process, Kapitra explained, he had visited the investigators for talks on the legal matter of the case. He stated the police had directly met Rizieq in Saudi Arabia for the probe.

Kapitra mentioned some oddities found in the case. One of them was the police failed to discover and examine the person who spread the screenshot of pornographic chats between his client and Firza on social media. “How is that possible to name Habib [Rizieq] as the suspect but the uploader couldn’t be known?” he said.

The case was made public after websites www.4n5hot.com and baladacintarizieq.com posted the screenshot pictures in which allegedly a chatting of Rizieq and Firza in early 2017. Jakarta Police then named them as suspects on May 2017.

Aside from that, Kapitra said Constitutional Court law No. 20 of 2015 ruled the state authority has the right to do tapping includes police and judiciary among others. Thus, he added, the evidence was collected through the illegal way. “That means the police did not have adequate proofs. So with two legal materials, how could the case be processed?” the lawyer noted.

On June 20, 2017, Kapitra sent the legal opinion to President Joko Widodo. The letter noted his request for the president to urge the police to enforce the law and demand the case closure.

Furthermore, one year after the case showed up, National Police spokesperson Mohammad Iqbal officially announced the issuance of SP3 for the case of Rizieq Shihab on Sunday, June 17, 2018. Kapitra said he had received the letter two days before Eid or on June 13.

Iqbal stated the pornography case of Rizieq Shihab was terminated since the police did not discover yet the uploader of the evidence. “The case can be re-opened if new evidence found,” said the police spokesperson.

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