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TRIBUN-TIMUR.COM – The government has not released the official schedule of registration announcement of Civil Service Candidate (CPNS) acceptance 2018.

But the government to improve the acceptance will be completely transparent and objective.

One of them through the activities of the National Coordination Meeting of Personnel (Rakornas) Personnel held BKN in Jakarta Wednesday (11/7/2018) today.

The Ministry of State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reform (Kemenpan RB) has not announced the registration schedule CPNS.

While registration on the website: sscn.bkn.go.id also not yet open.

Certainty registration and acceptance CPNS 2018 submitted Head of Regional Personnel Agency (BKD) South Sulawesi, Ashari F Radjamilo ensure acceptance of candidates for civil servants (CPNS) will take place this year 2018.

It is believed Ashari, after a meeting with the Minister of Administrative Reform of the State Bureaucracy Reform (Menpan RB) recently in Jakarta.

“I make sure the PNS receipt is held this year, I have a meeting of ministers in Jakarta,” said Ashari, Monday (9/7/2018).

Ashari admitted not alone to Jakarta, in a meeting with the Minister also attended the Regional Secretary of South Sulawesi H Tautoto TR.

Related to when the reception was held, Ashari not yet know.

It’s just that the administrative completeness requested Kemenpan RB to hold recruitment PNS 2018 was already submitted to Jakarta.

Registration Methods and Different Tests Last Year

State Personnel Agency (BKN) will hold a national coordination meeting Rakornas) staffing on July 11, 2018.

In the meeting, one of the special issue or main discussion in Rakornas is about the selection mechanism CPNS 2018.

One of the reasons for raising the issue is to expand the penetration of public understanding about CPNS selection which is becoming more professional, transparent and objective as a proof of commitment to realize better bureaucracy performance.

Head of Public Relations Bureau BKN Mohammad Ridwan said BKN as the implementer of the recruitment activities CPNS in 2018 plans to use integrated CPNS selection system.

According to the system will cut the flow of selection, one of them in the registration mechanism.

“If in the previous year, CPNS selection applicants on a number of agencies still have to open two portals when going to registration, now the registration process only focuses on SSCN portal (National CPNS Selection System),” explained Ridwan

As is known, the government is currently planning to reopen CPNS 2018 vacancy.

Currently, the PAN-RB Ministry continues to calculate the number of formations needed for this 2018 vacancy.


CPNS 2018 Latest Info from BKN

The official website of the National Personnel Agency (BKN) on Tuesday (10/7/2018) launches important information especially for candidates CPNS 2018 applicants.

“Make #SobatBKN are curious and waiting for official info acceptance CPNS Th 2018, yeah pantengin continue youtube channel BKN, there will be super important info today Let not skip subscribe first: youtube / c / BKNgoidofficial or just type and search: BKNgoid, “wrote the official account verified from BKN.

For BKN has provided various information channels that is:

1. Website


2. Twitter




Here is the latest information about the selection CPNS 2018 reported by Tribun-timur.com from Facebook BKN, do not forget LIKE to get the latest information:


4. Instagram


5. Youtube


Previously Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform (Menpan-RB) Asman Abnur said, the government is still doing the verification stage CPNS proposal from the agency through E-formation. He hopes this can be resolved soon to find out the needs of CPNS.

“Yes, the needs and work load later synchronized, what needs. Hopefully we can finish, “he said.

According to him, if verification has been completed, will be announced the needs CPNS 2018. He also ensured the selection will be held this year.

In the youtube channel BKN, the latest information is the acceptance CPNS 2018 done integrated.

Here’s the full video for no hesitation:

BKN explains the main factors of failure of applicants in previous years because they do not understand clearly the mechanism and flow of CPNS registration.




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