The Story Behind Nining’s Return After 1.5 Years Lost Sinks


BOGOR – The story of Nining Sunarsih (53) returned the found survivors after being reportedly lost drowned in Beach Palabuhan Ratu, Sukabumi regency, West Java 1.5 years ago, still keep the mystery.

Nining’s sister, Elah (35) recounted the beginning of Nining’s findings to a strange incident when carrying her body from the edge of Palabuhan Ratu Beach on Sunday 1 July 2018 in the morning.

At that time, Elah and some of his family deliberately came to Monitor Pelabuhan Ratu to look for Nining after his uncle Jejen (62) dreamed that Nining asked to be picked up home.

“We get there about 12 people ride angkot, arrived at the location at around 11 pm” I continued to look for another Nining, “said Elah, to Okezone, RSUD R. Syamsudin, Sukabumi City, Monday (2/7/2018) .

About 10 minutes of searching, Elah finally found Nining lying on the beach with the condition of hair full of sand and wet.

“Long time nyari, I first nemuin Nining was lying so wrote on the beach, I sempet baseball believe, I keep calling her mother Tating (63) Finally just sure to see her clothes as rich as fitting lost in 2017,” said Elah .

Once convinced, they also membuatah Nining body limp from the beach to the car in the parking area. That’s where, strange happenings happen. The beach was filled with visitors, none of which reprimand Elah who was supporting Nining.

“At that time the beach conditions crowded, a lot of people, but fit right in there while bringing Nining in like no one saw us.” Like so ignorant, but we bring people who are supported, “he said.

After arriving at the car, the family immediately brought Nining to his home in Kampung Cibunar, Gede Pangrango Village, Kadudampit District, Sukabumi Regency, West Java.

Now, Elah and family also consider the discovery of Nining after being declared lost on January 8, 2017 as the power of Allah SWT. He hoped that Nining’s condition would recover quickly and could communicate as usual.

“I do not believe it, but we think it is God’s power, we are resigned and believe Nining tenggalam because there are witnesses about 1.5 years ago finally found now live,” close Elah.

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