The story of the residents in Sorong bantai hundreds of crocodiles – Residents of Red Tugu, SP 1, Aimas Town, Sorong District, West Papua Province killed hundreds of crocodiles in captivity. This incident is the culmination of the resentment of citizens, because one of the local residents named Sugito killed allegedly attacked by crocodile, Friday (13/7).

Action killing hundreds of crocodiles is a form of anger over the captive party is considered negligent, until the crocodile killed the citizens.

Yanu a SP 1 resident who participated in the action said, this action is done so that no more casualties next due to crocodiles in captivity.

According to him, this action began when the victims Sugito daily working at the place of know-how, are looking for grass for livestock around the breeding area. The victim was then attacked by a crocodile.

Residents around who heard the shouting call for help from the victim came to the location to help, but after the residents arrived the victim was not lifeless.

Locals then evacuated the bodies of the victims and found bite wounds on the hands, feet, neck and head of the victim.

“Because of irritation to the captive who did not pay attention to the crocodile to swallow the victim and the owner reportedly fled, so the citizens immediately spontaneous come to the location of captivity to kill hundreds of crocodiles,” he said.

Reporting from, Head Unit Intel Aimas Chandra Police associated with the incident confirmed the death of Sugito allegedly attacked by a crocodile.

“In order to know the exact incident of the victim was attacked by a crocodile, the police are taking testimony from local residents and waiting for medical examination results,” he said.


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