Tools to Reduce Odor Times Items Will Be Evaluated Before Use To Other Locations


JAKARTA, – Aerator and nano bubble technology used to reduce odor in Kali Item, Kemayoran, not necessarily installed elsewhere.

Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan said it was evaluating the effectiveness of both equipment before installing it elsewhere. “We want it is after one successful, we just do in other places.

Do not we experiment in all places, then later the results are not necessarily (successful), “said Anies in Kemayoran, Saturday (21/07/2018).

Anies said, the tools installed around Kali Item were still temporary. He mentioned, Jakarta Provincial Government is also preparing a number of other solutions in cleaning up the river in Jakarta.

“Actually, the water purification process, the cleaning of the water, there is a chemical model, there is a non-chemical or biological model.There are some that will be tried in the days ahead,” said Anies.

Reported earlier, Jakarta Provincial Government has installed aerator and nano bubble to reduce odor in Kali Item.

The black waring cloth has also been installed along Kali Item to reduce the odor and cover the dirty Kali Item.

Dirty Kali Item in the spotlight because of its location which is right beside Wisma Kemletoran Athletes so it is feared to interfere with the comfort of the athletes of the Asian Games 2018.

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