Two years sought for Saracen leader

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Prosecutors at the Pekanbaru District Court in Riau have demanded that the panel of judges sentence Jasriadi, 32, the leader of Saracen, a network accused of spreading hate speech through social media, to two years in prison for allegedly hacking some social media accounts.

The sentence sought by the prosecutors was lighter than that of Saracen administrator Abdullah Harsono, for whom they demanded four years in prison. The court sentenced Abdullah to two years and eight months in prison in January.

Prosecutor Sukatmini asked the panel of judges, led by presiding judge Asep Koswara, to declare Jasriadi guilty. The team of prosecutors had accused him of violating multiple articles in the 2016 Electronic Information and Transactions (ITE) Law.

“The defendant illegally accessed a Facebook account owned by Sri Rahayu Ningsih, the Saracen coordinator of West Java province. Therefore we ask the panel of judges to sentence him to two years in prison and order him to remain detained,” Sukatmini said in the hearing.

Sri Rahayu was arrested in August for allegedly spreading fake news and hate speech about President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo. When the account was being investigated by the police, Jasriadi hacked it and used it to continue spreading fake news and hate speech.

He also allegedly hacked another Facebook account belonging to a person named Suarni.

Responding to the sentence demands, Jasriadi said he would present his defense statement in the next hearing. The panel of judges adjourned the court until next week. (hol/rin) 

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