Viral News Teacher Voters RK-UU Fired, This School Explanation

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Jakarta – Conversation of teachers in Whatsapp group at a school in Bekasi about Pilgub Jabar 2018 viral in social media. A teacher who chose Ridwan Kamil was called fired. The school party then spoke up.

The teacher who chose Ridwan Kamil was named Robiatul Adawiyah. In the screenshot of Whatsapp SDIT Darul Maza group, there is a conversation between Robiatul and someone named Fahrudin. Fahrudin questioned the attitude of Robiatul who chose Ridwan Kamil and called the other choice with the direction of the foundation.

Fahrudin then said he only wanted to work with the staff of a vision and mission with the foundation. Robiatul then asked for certainty and answered Fahrudin who will give a certificate.

then went to SDIT Darul Maza on Jl Gapin, Jatiasih, Bekasi, Friday (29/6/2018). A teacher named Tri then gave an explanation.

“I can tell you everything has been done, no problem whatsoever, it is clear, it has been resolved by deliberation, it is just a misunderstanding, no one is fired or laid off,” Tri said.

Tri said this is a misunderstanding of communication via Whatsapp. He suspects there are emotionally speaking factors that misunderstand. Tri also confirmed there is no direction from the school to choose one candidate.

“If there’s a little emotion, it’s human, let alone the election, but it does not have anything to do with the election of anyone, who is determined or diphumed ‘You have to choose this, you have to choose this’ It’s not there, so it’s free,’ he said.

“Here there is no compulsion to choose (one candidate) No,” said Tri.

Tri claimed to have talked with Robiatul after the conversation in Whatsapp was viral. He insists there is no problem with Robiatul and his status is still a teacher at SDIT Darul Maza.

“We welcome, we call, haha hihi only because we are cool, it’s not a problem, the status is still a teacher, there is no dismissal,” he said.

The same thing also expressed through the status of Andriyanto Putra Valora’s Facebook account owner. In the status entitled ‘PROBLEMS BETWEEN THE MAZA’S LOOKY FOUNDATION AND THE TEACHER OF ISLAM’S VISIT’, it was explained that the school had met Robiatul. Robiatul then forgave the school.

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