Watch Out, If Dollar Penetrates IDR15 Thousand, Jokowi May Fall

Source: The Jakarta Post


JAKARTA, NNC – Deputy Chairman of the Gerindra Party Central Executive Board (DPP) Ferry Juliantono assessed if the rupiah exchange rate penetrates IDR15 thousand per dollar, then President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo may fall.

“Now it’s IDR14,200 per dollar, a little more reaching IDR14,500, if it has been IDR15 thousand there is none [of government] strong,” said Ferry at the Hotel Atlet Century, Jakarta, Tuesday (5/22/2018).

He pointed out the same thing happened in 1998, at that time a very strong President Soeharto finally collapsed after the soaring dollar exchange rate.

“Penetrating IDR15 thousand, it is the government or Jokowi will fall,” he reminded.

Furthermore, the impact of inflation from it will be felt directly by all the people of Indonesia. He claimed to have met with traders who also complained about inflation.

“So, if some said they are satisfied with the government now, that’s just perception,” he said.

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