Will KM Sinar Bangun Be Raised, or Flower Flower Wants a Victim?



MEDAN, KOMPAS.com – Recorded remotely operated vehicle (ROV) at a depth of 450 meters of Lake Toba in search operation of the 11th day sunken victims said, the position of wreck Motor Vessel (KM) Sinar Bangun already found. Namely, in about three kilometers from the Port of Tigaras.

This allegation is reinforced by the appearance of several motorcycles, parts of the ship, and the corpse of the victim. Until the 13th day, the joint SAR team is still using ROV assisted by two trawlers tiger derived from KMP North Sumatra I and KMP North Sumatra II. But it is not easy to evacuate the victims and lift the wreck, the depth of the lake is a major obstacle that also affects the savior.

“We have to think carefully about the safety, how we can help and the objects can be lifted, new tools to help the ROV have also been imported, plus some Navy personnel from the center to assist the search,” said SAR Head of Medan Budiawan, Saturday (30 / 6/2018).

“So this is still a plan yes, whether to do the appointment or sow flowers and pray for the victims,” he said again.

He said the two options would be negotiated with the local government, Basarnas and the families of the victims.

The first option is to let the victims stay at the bottom of the lake. Then the second option, will still be the lifting of the body but it takes a long time.

Pending the decision, it continued its search from the air using helicopters and sweeping at target locations by inflatable boats.

“We ask the public prayers that KM Sinar Bangun can be immediately appointed, the SAR team is still working,” he concluded.

Important Note The tragic event of KM Sinar Bangun’s tragic event becomes an important note for North Sumatra Provincial Government in terms of tourism management.

Primarily to improve safety, security and comfort in the tourism area.

Moreover, Lake Toba is proposing process to be accepted as a member of UNESCO.

“Emphasize the management of tourism. Errors and problems that occur during this time should not be repeated again, it damages the image of our own tourism, “said North Sumatra Governor Eko Subowo. Tourist world, he said, can not be separated from the superior service to visitors. Because if relying on facilities such as infrastructure that are physical, not necessarily attract tourists to come.

So there needs to be safety, safety and comfort guarantee according to standard operating procedures (SOP) and norms, standards, procedures and criteria (NSPK).

“Our transportation is experiencing problems, must be improved for safety, especially lake transportation. First we fix the SOP and its NSPK, for example specifications and services. The dock must also be standard, “he said.

Improvement efforts can be achieved by cooperation between the government as a regulator, then the private who seeks facilities and users. It needs synergy between the three, so that the government’s priority to make North Sumatra national tourism destination materialized.

“If not, then we are not among those who study. Wrought iron while hot, this momentum should be used for repair, if triggered cold, hard again later, “he added.

As is known, KM Sinar Bangun sink in the waters of Lake Toba on Monday (18/06/2018) evening. A total of 21 people survived and three people died, while 164 people were declared missing. Until the 13th day of the search operation, there has been no increase in casualties due to the gravity of the evacuation field even though the bodies of the victims have been detected.


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