‘Wiro Sableng’ official trailer released ahead of screening next month



One month to the premiere of Wiro Sableng: Pendekar Kapak Maut Naga Geni 2012, slated for Aug. 30, production company Lifelike Pictures released the official trailer for the much-anticipated Indonesian film on Saturday.

In a statement, producer Sheila Timothy expressed her hope that the 1-minute-58-second trailer would satisfy the public’s great enthusiasm for the film. “We have conducted research on the topics being discussed by the audience following the release of the film’s pre-teaser and official teaser trailer. Hopefully this official trailer will be able to provide a satisfying answer for them,” said Sheila, adding that among the things offered by the trailer was a significant enhancement in quality, including computer-generated imagery (CGI). “We’ve continued to make improvements to increase the quality of this film, which can be seen from the trailer.”

Meanwhile Vino G. Bastian, the star of the film and son of the late Bastian Tito, the author of the Wiro Sableng novel, said his father’s birthday was in August, the same as the film’s premiere. “We want to make the month of August a month of celebration for Wiro Sableng together with our very enthusiastic fans. This celebration kicks off with the launch of this trailer,” he added.

Among the highlights of the trailer are action sequences choreographed by Yayan Ruhian.

The company also released on Saturday character posters of the film’s royal family and villains, including Raja Kamandaka (portrayed by Dwi Sasono), Werku Alit (Lukman Sardi) and Panglima Kalasrenggi (Teuku Rifnu Wikana).

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