A relatively small U.S. Senate subcommittee meeting on the Constitution called The Right of the People Peaceably to Assemble: Protecting Speech by Stopping Anarchist Violence received very little public attention.

It illustrated the deep division within the political system of the United States. It also warrants the question if U.S. federal authorities are looking in the funding and network relationships between funders, leaders, and political benefactors. The American public think they should.

This hearing revealed the unspoken growing number of voices question if the U.S. Democratic party fueling or paying for the insurrection? The evidence is supporting this argument.

Former Democratic National Committee deputy chair Keith Ellison, now the Minnesota attorney general, once said antifa would “strike fear in the heart” of Trump. This was after antifa had been involved in numerous acts of violence and its website was banned in Germany. His own son, Minneapolis City Council member Jeremiah Ellison, declared his allegiance to antifa in the heat of the protests this summer.

Many cities with democratic Mayors and councils displayed dismal leadership, even openly siding with the far-left extremists Marxist groups. Although not complicit in the crimes some political forces hope the support for the far-left extremists groups plays in favor for the U.S. Democrats.

Extremists on record said that Trump the outlier is only the symptom and reject both political parties. This is missed by the ‘media’. With numbers at an all-time low, effectively only six (!) news conglomerates control the U.S. media space. They are CBS Corporation, Comcast, Time Warner, 21st Century Fox, and The Walt Disney Company. In this climate of polarization who is siding with the administration and the opposition plays as much part as the loss of public trust in the media.

In April 2020, the Pew Research shows the number of newspaper room has dropped by 51% and media employment has dropped by 23%. The good news is since 2008, the number of digital-native newsroom employees has more than doubled (117%), to about 16,100 in 2019.

Senator Cruz pushed the democratic Senators to condemn far-left extremists Marxist groups like Antifa. But the outcome was predictable and, of course did not happen. Instead the democrats deflected the obvious and drove the point home on the far-right extremists attempting to presenting a view administration and its federal agencies look the other way.

Calling the federal officers “stormtroopers”, “secret army”, and similar nonsense is the current political tone. If we thought U.S. politics are in the gutter the Democratic performance at the hearing was just disgusting, even inserting hidden messages in the narrative that only favor the far-left extremists Marxist groups.

Both, the attractive US Attorney General Miss Erin Nealy Cox from Texas, and Ken Cuccinelli from the Department of Homeland Security fought an uphill battle to get the point across of what is the status of the investigations and who are extremists.

In in the usual candid, to the point of a great statesman Lindsay Graham stole the show. He warned the federal officers that he will watch very closely the conduct of the police. But he as in his usual blunt point also warned the federal agencies and ordered to get the extremists “a***ses” and charge them in court for the offenses committed.

Graham, known for his no-nonsense approach invited the democrats to argue the point which was promptly not taken up. It shows the deep division and unwillingness by the Democratic Party to condemn the violence by the leftist brethren stands out. This poses the questions has U.S. society shifted so far to the left it is irredeemable undemocratic? Destroying its heritage and acknowledging a Marxist movement will only lead to a reactionary revolution. You do not have to teach history to grasp the deep paradigm shifts U.S. society and its political system is facing.

Messages of hope, as we seen in the past, gave way to intimidation, terror against moderate conservative voices, destruction, and disruptions as a path to unseating the political order under a false narrative. Today the message is destruction, revolution, and violent change.

Revolutions are acts of force

Political pundits place considerable importance on the use of unrest and instability on the re-election theory. Taken Allan Lichtman 13 keys theory into account one “key” stands out: Social unrest. Insurrection and rebellion are part of social unrests. This suggests that the Democratic Party is using political violence to unseat a democratically elected president by convenience. The implications are stark.

Besides manipulation of the domestic and legal system, false allegations against the presidency and an attempted coup attempt to remove the president by impeachment as a political ploy the finger points increasingly towards the political left in Portland, Seattle and other cities to use the unrests for the first coup in the post-world war 2 period to tolerate political extremism to pursue a coup against the democratic order.

Columbia University professor Simon Schama said in an NPR interview about successful revolutions : You know, it’s when a lot of us celebrate the – it’s an insurgency of people that you tend to forget.”

A blog from 2011 provides another perspective. The author wrote, The French Revolution began with ideals and ended in disaster. It was finally resulted in Napoleon’s lemming-like crusade to conquer the world. In retrospect, France would likely have been better off with the Bourbons–no matter how many Frenchmen celebrate the revolution and Napoleon today.

The Russian Revolution led to Lenin and Stalin, and 70 years of repressive rule that made the Czars look benign in comparison. The Iranian Revolution led to an Islamic fundamentalist state. Even the English, a people who normally have good sense, had frequent civil wars, one of which led to the Interregnum under Oliver Cromwell. In the Cuban Revolution, Che Guevara oversaw the revolutionary tribunals and firing squads that sent untold numbers to their deaths. Whenever I see someone lauding the man or wearing the guy’s image on a t-shirt, I know there’s a halfwit on my hands, someone who values image over actions. China’s Revolution was horrific in its aftermath. Revolutions in Latin America and Africa simply replace one band of thugs with another. The people who deposed Gaddafi in Libya are now looking to be cut from a similar cloth.

The reasons are simple, revolutionary fail to appreciate a different truth spoken by Robespierre on the way to his execution, namely that revolutions eat their own children. The reason for that is simple. Once people get into the habit of simply shooting those with whom they politically disagree, it becomes awfully hard to stop.

But the Democrats if the think this is controllable missing the current by the extremists, power. The global Black Block and Antifa leaders warn of things yet to come. The Antifa, white supremacists, Black Block, extremists Black Live Matters are not democrats, are not about equalizing the rights for minorities and do not compromise. They are a threat to the democracy, pure and simple. Today the culture of revolution is laid bare by the absence of rejection by the democratic political elite.

The past four years has seen the steady rise on the left, social agendas are barely carried by the budgets, running battles on everything the administration touches. Even if the administration passes new environmental laws the democrats refuse to acknowledge the republican efforts. Not ever since Reagan have the political factions be further apart. The new class of political elitists, the Googles, Facebook, Google, Bloomberg’s missed history. The financial powers can be destroyed, as the crash of stock market has shown. Current dominance in the tech sector is not a guarantee. Neither is the sympathetic Berkeley Marxist style of revolutions.

But what was more telling are the facts of federal agencies were deployed to the courthouse, which is a federal faced a sharp increase in action. The Black Block never acts without a plan and this patter is visible in the U.S. riots. The records show the riots went from 12 days to 29 days of continuous rioting. This is consistent with patterns in Hong Kong, Germany, and France.

What is missed in the U.S. debate is the global aspect of far-left extremist Marxist groups. Whereas the New York Times deflects the Antifa narrative to shift towards a bunch of has-beens in Germany plotting for “Day X” the public record shows that Black Lives Matter, Antifa and other far-left groups have planned actions against the New York Police Department, to “evict them from society”, since 2016 if not earlier.

The evidence is present, matter of fact everyone can read about it, however it is odd the political left ignores the racist laden narratives of Activism, Civil War and Insurrection or 9 Thesis of Insurgency or the 2019 far-left extremists publication Insurgency: An Anarchist Journal of Total Destruction. The titles should alert not only U.S. authorities but national security agencies around the globe. They are the new revolutionary, extremist publications circulated, translated, interpreted and more important, applied.

The political elite misses the point of derailing democracy, as uncomfortable the Trump regime is, was by populist consensus. Debates over what the rioters are, lays bare the lack of the definitions. The Democratic party claims they are all peaceful rioters. Which they are not. The officials make a compelling argument, with the offices of Miss Cox investigating over 300 cases of extremists. Including the far-right, eco-terror, and other nihilists.

Warzone distro, an eco-anarchist blog wrote, “With the understanding of consumer life as interwoven warfare, a sense of urgency is maintained, encouraging attack here and now rather than waiting for when the “time is ripe”.” The absence of condemnation provided the oxygen the extremists need.

“Every extremist group, from Islamic State, the communists, the Nazis, or the Khmer Rouge portray an enemy to justify violence.” an academic wanting to remain anonymous said, “The U.S. far left Marxist extremists enjoy the political ignorance, but it emerges now the threats these groups pose.”

Threat to first amendment: Freedom of Speech

More chilling was the testimony by George Washington University Law School Professor Jonathan Turley articulating the threat to free speech. The United States is on a crossroads. The Black Block or Antifa is identified as the most successful anti-free speech extremist group.

He warns of the climate on school grounds has reached dangerous levels of intimidation by Antifa, Black Block and other Marxist ideological activists. The political climate has deteriorated to domination over the educational thought. This makes universities no longer a center of learning but a dogma driven factory of hate. Teachers and students alike are afraid to speak up, dissenting views are routinely attacked by the Antifa.

Examples of professors and teachers were given police protection are no myth. So are the book burnings in Portland, toppling of moments and intimidation of residents by throes of Black Block Affinity Groups.

Antifa trains and publishes ideology, tactics, and methods. Antifa trains the suppress the voice of the others. “Professor Turley’s testimony is confirming the extremist far left Marxist groups are a threat to society.”, says an expert on far-left groups and militant civil society actors., “the testimony points out these extremists’ threat to democracy. Experts for many years warned about the ‘other extremists’ but this was an unpopular narrative that did not fit into the far-left political euphoria.”

“If any group is founded with the expressive goal to be at war with free speech than we need to recognize the extremists’ character of the Black Block, Antifa and even Black Lives Matter”, he added.

“Replacing anti-communism with anti-fascism does not materially change the purpose of the revolution”, warns Professor Turley. The warnings echoes former UK counter terror police reports, the German KAS assessment or the Asian based GARC has pointed out for a long time, “We must recognize the global networks of the extremists are the new militant wing for political interests”.

“Contrary to some portrayal in the media the all empowering Antifa is some sort of Keyser Soze of the far-left extremists Marxist group nothing further could be from the truth”, a counter terror official said. “Even the bizarre screaming, pot banging, and intimidation are planned and organized actions.” Warnings issued by a small group of academics, counter terror officials and techno wizards track these groups for decades.

“It is rather surprising that after almost 20 years of fighting jihadists terrorism, some people view the far-left extremists as some sort of play group. Their plans are strategic, their structure is violent, their language and ideology are Marxists-Leninist. They are not interested to negotiate or compromise. The withdrawal from the Chaz-Seattle zone, nicknamed #KarlMarxStadtUSA was made on terms laid out by Antifa.”, he added.

Kyle Shideler the Director of Homeland Security and Counterterrorism at the Center for Security Policy, which was cited by the democratic senator Hirono (D-Hawaii) as portraying as center as radical. As so often the political wrangling misses the point. Extremists count on the above the line political division. Its defined it their revolutionary strategy.

What does the Black Block, Antifa, Black Lives Matter and the Neo-Nazis, white supremacist extremists all have in common? They are racist, have a nihilistic world view, they are not democratic and the draw oddly enough from the same playbook of extremist’s textures and pamphlet produced on both end of the extremist spectrum.

For example, the leaderless revolution was written by an anti-communist’s intelligence officer, resurfaced in the nineties to be adopted by a white supremacist copied by the far-left extremist Marxist groups and appears in 2016 in Black Live Matters examination of political narratives.

A more extreme example is the use of Carl Schmitt, an ardent Nazi of its time to appear in Black Lives Matter publications in great frequency. His Theory of the Partisan written in 1962 appeal to the far-left extremists and consider Schmitt’s works as a weapon against liberalism.

We can safely predict regardless of the November election the far-left extremist Marxist groups are poised to strike. “like 9/11 the warning signs for the national security agencies are here, the intelligence dots are visible and ignored. I hope the Americans have this time learned from the bitter lessons of September 11th”.

Once more: Black Block, Antifa and Black Lives Matter are not democratic. They do not belief in the freedom of speech, equal rights, or democracy. They are involved in book burning and the overthrow of government. Their ideology is steeped in National socialist and Marxist written treaties, pamphlets, and books on anarchism, insurrection, civil war with the aim to trigger social unrest pitted against social groups with the sole purpose to deliver terror.

They are armed, have a long-standing history of violence and attack against citizens, bomb, and arson. The are qualifying as extremist groups as Al Qaeda, Islamic State, Neo-Nazis, white supremacists, the Ku Klux Klan, and other extremist millennial nihilists. This are not a democratic movement. This is not a leaderless movement.