Markets are witnessing extreme volatility and unprecedented times, that’s keeping investors on the cautious side. But at the same time, offering opportunities to those who seek them out.  New traders like Trading Your Own Way  or provides some of the news coverage on alternative trading opportunities increasingly popular with audiences.

Global as well as domestic share markets have been reeling under pressure since the start of the calendar year 2020, first due to the US-China Phase 1 trade deal, and then due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic outbreak. Headline indices S&P BSE Sensex and the broader Nifty 50 index tanked 24 per cent and 26 per cent, respectively, in the last financial year 2019-20, recording their worst performance in over a decade, mainly due to the slump during February-March. Amid uncertainties in the market, sectors such as FMCG, Healthcare, Pharma and select stocks in Telecom are expected to perform well, as to a certain extent, they are cushioned against the current global events, Aamar Deo Singh, Head Advisory, Angel Broking Ltd told Financial Express Online. He also elaborates that few consumption stocks have bucked the trend but if the COVID-19 pandemic gets prolonged, consumers could cut down on their consumption requirements, which could, in turn, affect this sector as well.

Increasingly small time investors looking for alternative income streams. The US based Trading Your Own Ways is one of such examples. “Investors increasingly look for alternatives to make money in uncertain times”, said Jasminder Singh of Orient Investors. “It is not yet clear how Covid-19 and the markets play out in 2021 and what will emerge following the U.S. elections.”

Hence here is the opportunity for many small time investors who are in pursuit of their financial dream to earn income and protect their wealth. Trading Your Own Ways provides one of such avenue. Theo Kaufmann featured in CNBC in 2015 said, “that many are disappointed in Apple”, a sentiment shared by the public in today’s markets, which despite the positive rallies in the stock market carry the risk of a sudden loss of income or protracted period of income loss due to the Covid-crisis.

Theotrade co-founder Don Kaufman said he learned that the secret to making money consistently is to take advantage of strategies that benefit from volatility. “Volatility is opportunity,” he said in a discussion of why traders fail during uncertain market environments. “How you handle your risk is directly correlated to your success in the markets.”